Adult 18+ Programing 


Social Circle 18+  

Sunday Circle is getting a major glow up in conjunction with Nancy Amar of Beyond ASD. Geared towards young adults, Social Circle offers a mix of Social Skills, Life Skills, Outings, and good old fun activities!

Sep 10 Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12

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Social Club 18+

FC Social Club is a neurodiverse group of adults focused on moving our community towards total inclusion and having a great time doing it. 

Aug 13 - Social Club Candlemaking @ ArtCafe

Sept 11- Social Club @ ArtCafe

Sept 12 - Rosh Hashanah Basket Packaging

Oct 10- Social Club @ ArtCafe

Nov 13- Social Club @ ArtCafe

Dec 11- Social Club @ ArtCafe 


For additional program information, please contact Marcy at [email protected]

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