Friendship Circle partners up with Michael Ann Russell J.C.C to give you some wonderful after school programs.


*Programs that offer opportunities for all children to participate in different aspects of MARJCC year-round programming in a small group setting.

*Music, Movement, & Yoga Ages 7 –11*

Instructor: Monica Durst

ABOUT: Stress reduction through breathing, mindfulness, exercise, and yoga movement...all contributing to one’s overall relaxation and well-being.

DATES AND TIMES: Monday 4 –4:45pm

Fee: Monday, $150-10 classes

*Yoga Drama Ages 5 –11*

Instructor: Monica Durst

ABOUT: Learn how to express yourself by using imagination and yoga technique. Draw upon your emotions and feelings and express yourself through gestures, acting and verbalization.

DATES AND TIMES: Tuesday 4–4:45pm
Fee: Tuesday, $135 -9classes

Thursday, $255 –17 classes

*Art Exploration Ages 7 –11*

Instructor: Gustavo Scarrone

ABOUT: Our budding artists will work with a potpourri of different media (e.g., drawing, painting, sculpture) as they develop their fine motor skills.

DATES AND TIMES: Friday, 3 –3:45pm

Fee: $195 –13 classes

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