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At the Friendship Circle, we believe that each and every individual is a critical part of the puzzle, with unlimited potential and the innate desire to give and receive love. Every person, regardless of age or ability has a role in bringing this idea into fruition. This is why our theme for 2018 / 2019 is awareness.
In order to create a community of inclusion, acceptance, and empowerment, we must be aware of those around us-those with differing strengths, skills, and needs. It is our hope that through this lens, we heighten our sensitivity and sense of responsibility to individuals with exceptional needs.
We invite you to browse this program guide and become familiar with the important work we do, which unites wonderful teenage volunteers with those with special needs. Providing innovative programming while fostering these timeless bonds, we aim to develop a Miami steeped in kindness and respect. We invite you to get involved, because none of us can do everything, but each of us can do something. And we invite you most importantly, to be aware!


Click Here to download the 2018-19' Program Guide!